Window Graphics | Promote your business using your glass!

Window Graphics | Promote your business using your glass!

New material and advanced technology are now available that allow for endless possibilities when it comes to window graphics. You are no longer limited to the number of colors.

With digital printing we can do contour cut full color logos. Your cost for vinyl window decals is no longer based on the number of colors, but the size of the graphics. There are a lot of different options available.

If you have a limited budget, you can just go for the logo and company name. Maybe a phone number, website or hours. But if you have room in your budget, I would advise to use your windows as a marketing and advertising billboard. Depending upon the size of the windows, you can use them to add photos and information about your products. Here are some pictures of full color window graphics for an insurance company.

The business had 4 large windows facing the parking lot. They used these windows to advertise and talk about the insurance companies they offer. The full color graphics also helped  to block the view from outside. There was no need for blinds. So the window graphics served dual purpose- marketing and privacy.

As I mentioned earlier, you also have the option of going for vinyl window lettering. This is a great option for medical business how would want to display the name of the doctors in their practice, or for B2B businesses to dispaly their logo and business hours. Here is a picture with some custom window decals with the company logo and other information.

Another popular option for window decals is etched vinyl. This is a more cost effective approach to etched glass. It gives the look of sandblasted glass. Now we can even print on etched vinyl and thus add more pizzaz to your graphics. Here is a graphcic we printed for a fire extinguisher glass with the customer logo. Isn’t this cool!!