Window graphics-Signs for your store front

Window graphics-Signs for your store front

When opening a new store, company or commercial business, the one product that seems to be overlooked by new business owners are window graphics. Business Hours, company information and logos, and contact information can all be permanently displayed on the windows or door of your location.

Window graphics¬†convey your message, to everybody that passes by your business, and will inform potential clients of your company’s hours of operation, your product or service and any other information that is important to convey.

Vinyl window decals are typically made to go on the outside of the glass, but they can be installed on the interior of the glass (to prevent people from picking off the letters) but some windows are tinted, and vinyl window stickers applied to the interior of the glass is not visible outside.

Light colors are recommended, as dark colors get lost in the glass due to the reflective nature of windows and glass. White and yellow are the most popular color for window decals.

Window signage can either be digitally printed on white vinyl, or they can be die cut from colored vinyl. Digitally printed vinyl graphics are becoming more popular, as you can include photographs and full color images on decals, as opposed to Die-Cut vinyl, which is generally always one color.

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