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Looking for impressive and impactful commercial signs and graphics for your business? Want to improve brand awareness, increase staff efficiency, or grow your average ticket? Delivering the right signage for your brand, San Jose Signs is here to help you reach your goals.

custom storefront signs and graphics

Choosing the right signage provider is just as important as selecting the right signage elements. You need a sign and graphics partner who understands your unique business goals, branding, and facilities, as well as signage regulations and standards.

Your business signage does a lot for you, from attracting new customers, supporting your visitors in safely and effectively navigating your facility, to assisting and motivating your staff, and a lot more. Our experts help you make smart decisions on effective signage that helps you accomplish the goals you have for your business, whether they are increasing profits, improving employee productivity, or increasing brand recognition.

From storefront signs to ADA signage, vehicle lettering to trade show displays, we are your full-service Saratoga sign and graphics company, providing signs that impress your target audience and speak to your unique brand message. We make your image our priority.

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Signs That Work For You

custom indoor retail signs

Business signs are a common sight wherever you go, but not all signs are created equal. Some are made to catch attention, some are made to inform, and some are made to convey a message, but only a high-quality sign can do all these effectively. A high-quality sign can play a huge role in increasing foot traffic to your store, influencing purchase decisions to your favor, boosting sales, and even improving employee productivity. And a high-quality sign is exactly what we at San Jose Signs intend to give you.

With our years of signage experience, we know making an effective and impactful sign entails a careful study of your brand, business goals, location, target market, and yes, even your budget, too.

Here at San Jose Signs, our sign-making process is designed to ensure that the signs we produce are exactly the ones that your business needs. We start with an initial consultation and get a clear understanding of who you are, what your signage needs are, where you are located, and what parameters you need us to work with. We provide the most suitable signage options available to you, and once you have decided which ones to go with, we give you the support, guidance, and insight that you need until the completion of the project.

Whether you need eye-catching exterior signs, informative indoor signs, helpful wayfinders, promotional vinyl banners, LED displays, or any other sign for your business, San Jose Signs makes sure that you get them tailored to fit your business, branding, and budget.

The Right Signage For Your Business

custom window vinyl wrap

Every business is unique and, as a trusted Saratoga sign company, it is our business to give you the signage that clearly conveys that uniqueness to your target market. San Jose Signs is committed to being the complete signage provider for all types of businesses in all types of industries—universities, fast food restaurants, gas stations, retail stores, banks, clinics, commercial spaces, government offices, etc.

Signs and graphics by San Jose Signs are a collaborative effort by talented graphic designers, meticulous sign fabricators, skilled sign installers, and experienced marketing specialists. We are proud of our expert signage team and the high quality of work we produce. We’re excited to show you the level of work we can do for you.

Outdoor & Exterior Signs

lighted outdoor signs and graphics for storefront

According to studies, 8 out of 10 US consumers claim to have walked into a business they’ve never heard of before simply because of an outdoor sign they saw.

Exterior signage, when produced to a high standard, can make a huge impact in getting an audience to see and respond to your business. And the great news is that San Jose Signs is all about designing, manufacturing, and installing only the best quality outdoor signs, and we can’t wait to do that for you.

If you want to get noticed even from far off, San Jose Signs can customize pole signs, wall signs, pylon signs, flag banners, etc. just for you. We also do vinyl window decals, door signs, wayfinders that give your business or organization a great first impression and give your target market a reason to step inside your facility.

Indoor & Interior Signs

Custom Indoor Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign for Offices

An effective signage system doesn’t stop at your doorstep; you’ll need them inside your establishment, too. Indoor signs play a key role in converting your business’s foot traffic to actual sales. They engage customers, give necessary information about your business and what you can offer, and then influence purchase decisions in your favor.

But in order for your indoor signs to have a positive impact on your business/organization, they must be designed, created, and installed to suit your needs, goals, branding, location, and budget perfectly. This is exactly what our sign and graphic experts will deliver for you.

We meet you up for an initial consultation as well as do on-site evaluations, so we understand key aspects of your business, services/products, branding, location, target market, and budget. We give you a list of available indoor sign options that would meet your needs and requirements. Once you’ve decided on what you want to go for, we then provide excellent start-to-finish support during the sign-making process.

Vinyl Signs & Graphics

Promotional banners, window signs, and graphics

Attractive, eye-catching vinyl signs, graphics, and banners can be used in virtually any place, on or off-site, to promote your business.

Whether you are looking for a show-stopping tradeshow display, vinyl window graphics, wall murals, promotional banners, floor graphics, hours of operation, or a completely custom sign, chances are vinyl will play a big role in your finished product.

Our vinyl signage experts understand the versatility of vinyl and how to use it to your benefit. With almost unlimited options regarding weight, colors, transparency, and methods of attachment, vinyl signs and graphics are the go-to for many business owners looking to promote products and services or assist their visitors with finding what they need in their location.

Custom Signs

custom lobby sign with dimensional letters

Contrary to what many people might think, the most effective signs aren’t always the biggest, most colorful, most informative, tallest, or most expensive ones. They’re actually the ones that best reflect the business and most clearly convey the brand message. They’re usually signs that are custom-crafted just for you.

Custom signs by San Jose Signs are specially designed, fabricated, modified, and installed so that you get your signs done the way you want them done—this includes how you want them to look, when you want them completed, where you want them installed, and how much you’re willing to shell out for them. We work alongside you and your team throughout the sign-making process to ensure that your signs are created to your standard and. We are passionate about superior quality, brand-cohesive, and long-lasting signage, and we’re excited to provide you with that.

No matter what sign you have in mind—monument signs, storefront signs, pole signs, floor signs, wall murals, vehicle decals, tradeshow signs, vinyl banners, LED boards, etc.—San Jose Signs can help bring them to life. We look forward to designing, etching, welding, burning, carving, sandblasting, assembling, customizing, and installing your dream sign.

Complete Commercial Signage Company

Not a lot of sign companies handle every aspect of the sign-making process; most of them take care of a particular step and let you worry about the rest. But we aren’t like most sign companies. San Jose Signs is a complete and full-service signage provider here in Saratoga, and we provide start-to-finish support on every project that we work on.

Full-Service Sign Company

We don’t just print out signs for you; we brainstorm, conceptualize, design, fabricate, assemble, install, and even do repairs. There is no need for you to jump from one sign shop to the next just to get a sign project done. We can have everything done here in our Saratoga shop.

custom sign fabricationOur sign-making process begins with a free initial consultation. This is where we sit down with you and understand exactly what your signage need is, what your business is all about, who your target audience is, what possible limitations there are to the project, etc. Learning about these things early on allows us to come up with practical ideas and honest insight about your plans, taking into consideration your schedule, location, and budget. The San Jose Signs Design Team uses art and technology to make a digital mock-up of your ideas, and in this process, you have editing control of the design as well as the final go-ahead.

After you approve the sign design, our professional sign fabricators then get to work. Using environmentally friendly processes, sustainable equipment, high-quality materials, we bring your sign to life, while leaving as little carbon footprint behind as possible. And when your brand new specially customized sign is ready for installation, our team of skilled sign installers are at your service.

Here at San Jose Signs, we are all about giving our clients the best products, the best service, and the best customer experience. We are fully equipped to be your one-stop sign shop here in Saratoga, CA, and that’s exactly what we want to be for you.

Our Commitment To You

Saratoga Sign Company sanjose signs logo 300x118

San Jose Signs has been in the sign business for a long time now, so we clearly understand just how important high-quality, high-visibility signage is in the process of growing one’s business. And we are committed to helping you attract, engage, and retain customers through impressive and impactful signage that only a full-service sign company like us can provide.

From the initial consultation to installation, San Jose Signs is here to provide excellent start-to-finish support. We are an established local signage provider here in Saratoga, CA, and we look forward to becoming your partner for all of your signage needs.

Contact San Jose Signs today at (408) 495-5503 for your Free Consultation with a Signs & Graphics expert!