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Santa Clara Vinyl Signs


In the sign industry, vinyl is perhaps the most widely used material due to its versatility, affordability, and easy accessibility. Anyone would want to get the most options for the most economical price, and this is exactly what vinyl offers. It’s a practical choice that lasts surprisingly longer than you’d expect.

Custom Signs

Vinyl comes in a variety of sizes, thickness, colors, and methods of application, so it allows you to pick and choose the perfect way you can bring your promotional and marketing ideas to reality. San Jose Signs is a trusted local vinyl signs provider in Santa Clara, CA, and we’ve successfully catered to the signage needs of countless businesses. We use only impressively durable and colorfast vinyl, which means you’re getting a great material for both indoor and outdoor signage.

If you’re looking to have vinyl signs for your establishment, but you’re not too sure exactly how it should look like, our in-house sign designers are ready to help you out. We provide free consultations with sign experts so that they can help you know what your options are, how much they cost, how you maintain them, and how you can maximize their impact.

Call San Jose Signs at (408) 495-5503 for your Free Consultation with a Vinyl Graphics Specialist!

Promotional Vinyl Banners

Large Format Indoor Banners

Banners are among the most ordered vinyl products here at San Jose Signs. When you order from us, your options for vinyl banners can come in practically any color, design, size, thickness, weight, and installation method that you want. They make great marketing and promotional materials for special events, construction announcements, trade shows, conferences, concerts, etc.

The heavy-duty vinyl we use here at San Jose Signs is also ideal for those who are looking for banners that last a long time. Though they are intended to be temporary signs, our vinyl banners are durable enough to stand against the everyday elements of the Santa Clara climate. No matter where or how you intend to you use your vinyl banners, you can be sure that you get only the very best here when you partner with an established vinyl signs provider like San Jose Signs.

Window Vinyl Clings & Film

custom vinyl window display

In the Santa Clara area, vinyl films and clings are getting more and more popular. Almost every business has its eyes on them for practical reasons. They make great promotional window displays, they can give your establishment some degree of privacy (both from the outside and from within), and they serve aesthetic purposes by giving your glass and window panels a sophisticated finish of your choice—embossed, patterned, frosted, translucent are only a few of your options.

We at San Jose Signs are ready to accommodate your every signage need, even if it means customizing your order according to your personal specifications. Whether you want to get an entire window covered with our vinyl film or just want to have already cut vinyl elements to put on later, we’re ready to give you the signage that you need at the quality that you deserve.

custom etched privacy film

Vinyl clings and films are excellent options for businesses and organizations who are looking to update their look every so often. With proper usage, care, and storage, vinyl films and clings by San Jose Signs can be easily removed, replaced, and reapplied as you wish.

Here at San Jose Signs, we have the window films and clings that complement your space and branding so that your office or store exudes the ambiance and appeal that you want. And because they’re made from the best quality vinyl, you can be sure that they’re going to last just as long as (or even longer than) you need them to.

Cut Vinyl Lettering

custom vinyl hours of operation

Most people want to know a bit more about a business or organization before they decide to make contact, or even step foot inside a store or office. Give your visitors and potential clients a good reason to check your space out by offering them the information that they might be looking for right at your doorstep. By making important details such as your business name, office hours, contact details, and services on your front door, you’re not only giving them some convenience; you’re also inviting them in and making it easier for them to see what you have to offer.

We at San Jose Signs can help you out with that. We offer attractive and highly customizable cut vinyl lettering that you can use to creatively make your information available on your front door. They are very affordable, easily applied, highly attractive, and personalized according to your branding, style, and preference.

Wall Murals & Floor Graphics

custom vinyl wall mural

When you really think about it, there’s no place in your building that you can’t put a sign on.

Your storefront, windows, glass panels, doors, walls, and even floors are just waiting for you to creatively use them as canvases for your brand message.

Wall murals and floor signs aren’t just for aesthetic purposes; they also help you utilize the space you have and use all of it to give your customers and visitors a great experience in your facility.

custom vinyl floor graphics

Of course, the key here is to make sure that they’re designed and laid out in a way that complements your space and not ruin it. Our team of experienced graphic artists specialize in designing signs for maximum effect and appeal.

From size, font style, color choices, overall design, to vinyl quality and graphics placement, we want to give you wall murals and floor signs that positively impact customer experience and give value to your money.

Vinyl Graphics Options

custom promotional window film

Versatility is one of the best things about vinyl, but it can also be the cause for a lot of headaches. You can do so much with vinyl that deciding on which one to go with can be so confusing! You can practically have your vinyl sign display any design, come in any size, be in any color, placed anywhere, and personalize it in any way you want that you sometimes end up so confused and undecided. And this is especially true when you order them online.

We at San Jose Signs understand just how tiring all this is and we want to make the process easier for you. We want to help you choose the best vinyl product, the best design, the best application method, and the best size that suit your branding, business needs, style, and budget. And we can start all this with a free consultation with any of our vinyl sign specialists.

By sitting down with and carefully learning what your business or organization is, what you’re all about, what you need, what your goals are, and what parameters you need to work within, we can show you your available options and explain to you just how they can be most beneficial for you. This conversation normally happens here in our Santa Clara office, so we can definitely show you our vinyl sign samples so you can make informed decisions for your business.

We at San Jose Signs offer the following popular vinyl sign options:

Many business owners go for vinyl signs because of its customizability. We do banners, floor signs, window clings, glass films, wall murals, vehicle decals, stickers, lettering, and many more vinyl signs in all shapes, sizes, and designs. And the best part? We offer excellent start-to-finish customer support to make sure that everything goes according to plan and schedule.

Full-Service Vinyl Graphic Shop

vinyl mural installation

It is our goal to be every Santa Clara facility’s complete vinyl signs provider, and we are confident that our signage experts will do an excellent job for you. San Jose Signs is a full-service sign company that supports each client through every aspect of the entire sign-making process. This means that if you work with us, you won’t have to jump from one sign shop to the another because you can have everything done right here in our Santa Clara, CA shop.

San Jose Signs can be your one-stop sign shop, handing your project from consultation all the way to installation. With our years of experience, technical knowledge, high-end equipment, impressive creativity, and excellent customer support, we can give you the superior quality vinyl signs that you need to meet your needs, goals, and budget.

Free Vinyl Signs & Graphics Consultation

Santa Clara Vinyl Signs sanjose signs logo 300x118

San Jose Signs is your perfect partner for high-visibility, high-durability, and high-impact vinyl signage and graphics. We deliver excellent quality signs that attract, inform, and influence customers to connect with you and make purchases, and we do this without breaking your bank!

No matter what vinyl sign types you may need—banners, vehicle decals, stickers, floor signs, window films, wall murals, etc.—San Jose Signs is ready to provide you with the best ones in the market. We look forward to becoming your chosen sign and graphics partner, and to helping you grow your business.

Call San Jose Signs at (408) 495-5503 for your Free Consultation with a Vinyl Graphics Specialist!