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San Jose Cabinet Signs


One of the most popular business signs used for storefronts is cabinet signs. These signs, also known as wall or box signs, often have additional elements, such as lighting, animation, or dimensional effects.

custom lighted digital message board pole sign

Cabinet signs are ideal for businesses looking for a sign that can be updated easily and catch anyone’s attention, even from a distance. These signs are easy to customize to match any specifications, and it is also very affordable to make and upgrade.

If you want to get your very own custom San Jose cabinet signs, don’t hesitate to contact us today. San Jose Signs is one of the best San Jose, CA sign companies that specializes in delivering custom-tailored business signs for any business and industry. We will be with you in every step so that you can maximize the benefits of having our cabinet signs in your business.

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Make Your Message Clear

Dairy Queen Pylon Sign

Cabinet signs usually have a metal frame hand-formed to the chosen design and comes with an acrylic face. The face is then covered by custom printed or cut vinyl which showcases the message intended for the sign. Thanks to this setup, customers can be very creative with their cabinet signs.

The information that can be displayed through cabinet signs depends on your business goals. We can put as little information as we want by putting an image on the sign’s face or put all the information you want people to see. We’ll make sure the design matches your ideal design and layout, and that the message is properly delivered through these signs.

Highly-Customizable Storefront Signs

custom illuminated product sign

San Jose Signs can create cabinet signs in any size, shape, and specification. We have graphic designers, sign experts, and electrical engineers on standby to discuss your signs with you and create the ideal sign that matches your brand and requirements. You can trust us to deliver the perfect signs for your business whenever you need them.

If you want your cabinet signs to make a greater impression, we can add additional elements to them to help them stand out. We can add backlighting or LED illumination, as well as modify the colors that can be used for your signs. Whether you have a design ready for us to use for your signs or you want to start a new design, we will work with you to achieve your dream sign and business goals.

Durable and Affordable Signs

Our custom San Jose cabinet signs are very affordable compared to other sign companies, thanks to the fact we do everything in-house.

Custom Building Sign & Awning SignSince we do everything in-house, there is no need to hire a third party to handle one aspect of the sign project, which can cost a lot of money. From designing the signs to installing them, we have a team who can do it efficiently and provide you with the assistance you need to decide which elements should go for your signs. We can also upgrade your cabinet signs at any time, making it the ideal business sign for startups and small businesses that want a sign that grows with them.

We use durable materials for our cabinet signs to protect them from the elements, especially if you use them as an outdoor sign. Once installed, our cabinet signs won’t require regular maintenance. You can contact our team in case there is damage to the signs or if you want to upgrade them.

Free Cabinet Sign Consultation

San Jose Cabinet Signs sanjose signs logo 300x118We at San Jose Signs have been making all kinds of cabinet signs for our clients since we were established, and we never shy away from any challenge, especially when it comes to the specifications you want for your signs. Let our team know what you are looking for, and we will provide you with a personalized service that will deliver the best San Jose cabinet signs and achieve your goals by using them.

Call San Jose Signs at (408) 495-5503 for your Free Consultation with a San Jose Cabinet Sign expert!