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San Jose Channel Letters


Have you considered channel or dimensional lettering for your storefront? With this product, you can elevate your company’s image and visibility to new heights with stunning, eye-catching designs that leave a lasting impression on everyone who lays eyes on them.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

Channel letters are dynamic 3D signs that display information, typically business names and logos. With customizable opacities and illuminations, these letters create a striking visual impact that ensures visibility day and night, especially if illuminated with electronic lighting.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor settings, San Jose channel letters are versatile and can benefit any business. The options and opportunities are endless! So if you find yourself unfamiliar with the design process or overwhelmed by the available options, just reach out to San Jose Signs. We know how this sign type can fit your business perfectly.

Ready to make a statement? Give your company the attention-grabbing business sign it deserves. Explore the world of channel and dimensional lettering today!

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Storefront Channel Letters

Many of our clients look at channel letters first for their storefront signs. There are good reasons for this.

Custom Channel Letter SignOne major appeal of San Jose channel letters is their unique 3D shape, which instantly catches the eye and captivates viewers. The depth of the sign can be adjusted to add dimension and accommodate elements like illumination, further enhancing its visual impact. This way, any text or symbol will look more dynamic and lively.

Also, installing channel letters is very easy, requiring minimal work. They can be easily mounted on a backing frame or directly onto the building’s exterior.

When you partner with San Jose Signs, we ensure your channel letters perfectly align with your brand identity. Together, we’ll create a design that leaves a lasting impression, helping you build your reputation and image. Our team will provide valuable guidance on implementing the design, selecting the right components, and incorporating additional features to make your sign more appealing and functional.

Channel letters as storefront signs work great for businesses like shopping malls, retail stores, and publicly visible establishments. Their easy customization options allow you to promote your business effectively, ensuring that your signage is impossible to ignore.

Dimensional Letters

If you are looking for a hassle-free channel letter sign that seamlessly blends with any surface, dimensional letters are the way to go!

Storefront SignAlthough often mistaken for channel letters, dimensional letters have distinct characteristics that set them apart. Unlike individual carved letters, dimensional letters are created by carving the components directly onto a solid sheet, forming a single sign panel. Each component can be hollow and illuminated, allowing for added visual impact. Plus, the opacity of the letters can be adjusted during the molding process.

Opting for dimensional letters doesn’t mean sacrificing customization. We can still tailor the size, font, style, opacity, and other elements to suit your preferences. Our team will even visit your location to assess how we can maximize the efficiency of these dimensional letters and strategically determine the ideal indoor installation spots.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Visibility can be a challenge for business signs at night or during sudden weather changes. Basic storefront signs may struggle to stand out in such conditions.

Lighted SignThe solution? Enhance your channel or dimensional lettering with backlighting or external lighting, ensuring they shine brightly even in dim settings. Regardless of your choice, we will carefully assess the location and intended use to determine the most suitable option for you.

With our team of skilled electricians, we guarantee the safe and seamless installation of lighting components for your signage. If any issues arise, contact us, and our dedicated team will promptly address and resolve them.

We strongly recommend businesses opt for backlit or illuminated channel signs for indoor or nighttime use. These options are particularly effective for businesses prone to inclement weather and limited sign visibility.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

San Jose Channel Letters sanjose signs logo 300x118

When it comes to simple yet impactful signage like San Jose channel letters, the key lies in partnering with a skilled sign company that understands your brand and business objectives. With their expertise, these straightforward signs can rival even the most complex corporate signage. Furthermore, an experienced sign business can guide you on strategic placement, ensuring maximum visibility throughout your area.

At our San Jose, CA sign company, we take care of every aspect of your sign project, leaving you with peace of mind. From the moment we collaborate, we maintain open communication and provide you with design drafts for your approval. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools and premium materials, we ensure the highest quality for your signs. We’re here to assist you promptly with any maintenance or repair needs.

Take advantage of our free consultation service today to learn more about our exceptional channel letters and other sign-related services. Get in touch with us now, and let us help your business make its mark!

Call San Jose Signs today at (408) 495-5503 for your Free Consultation with a San Jose Channel Letter expert!